About Us

Hey there! I'm Muhammad Anas, the guy who started XI Software. I'm all about making online tools that simplify your daily life. I'm into tech, but I like to keep things simple and cool.

I studied software engineering and I'm all about creating tools that you and others can actually use.

At XI Software, you'll find useful tools like stopwatches and timers to keep track of time, alarms to wake you up, and even a thing called a Pomodoro timer to help you focus better.

I believe tech should be like a friendly helper, not a puzzle. That's why I focus on tools that fit right into your day, making things smoother.

Feel free to explore XI Software. Whether you're a student with tons of tasks, a pro handling work, or someone who just likes simple stuff, I've got tools that could make your life a bit better.

Thanks for stopping by and being part of this journey. Let's make tech work for us, one tool at a time.

Catch you later!
Muhammad Anas